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Ross Jeffries
Creator of Speed Seduction™

Ross Jeffries - Seduction Guru and Creator of Speed Seduction

In the 1990's Ross Jeffries learned the techniques of Hypnosis and NLP pioneers Erickson, Bandler, and Grinder.

Ross developed these NLP techniques (and a lot of field work!) into a powerful system to pick up, romance and seduce women that he called Speed Seduction™. His techniques do not depend on begging, bullying, or buying a woman's affections - they instead use NLP to capture and lead her imagination and hypnosis language to modify her feelings and influence her behavior.

Ross Jeffries


Ross Jeffries literally wrote the book and developed the techniques of Speed Seduction ™ - using hypnosis and NLP patterns to capture and lead the imagination of women. To create the feelings and emotions that allow a guy to seduce them quickly, efficiently, and predictably.

Jeffries also used NLP techniques to help men overcome whatever psychological barriers they had that were preventing them from success with women.

Ross Jeffries was instrumental in the development of many of Hypnosis and NLP based dating and seduction methods that have allowed so many guys who are neither rich, famous, or good-looking to become wildly successful with women.

Very controversial, and very effective techniques

The work of Ross Jeffries was ground-breaking and very controversial. Many condemned it manipulative and Ross's persona and provocative style added fuel to the fire.

His undeniable success with using NLP and Hypnosis for seduction has created a seduction subculture with many imitators teaching guys "how to get laid".

No matter what you think of his packaging and promotion, he developed several key concepts that are very powerful indeed:

  1. Falling in love is a process during which someone moves through a series of mental and/or emotional states in a predictable way.
  2. By describing a process (like falling in love) to someone in a particular way, you can cause that person to go through those states and experience that process just as if it had happened to them "naturally".
  3. By telling stories or directing a conversation using special language "patterns", you can describe any process you want and move a person through that process and have them end up in the emotional state you desire (think "lust").

Hypnosis, NLP and Poetry

Although Ross Jeffrries, Mark Cunningham, and many other of the seduction "gurus" recommend using Seduction Poetry and quotes for seduction, they rarely gave examples of the kind of poems to use.

Because there just are not many examples of this kind of Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry around!

And, although their NLP system definitely works, many people have trouble getting results quickly because of the time it takes to master the delivery and structure of the language patterns.

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"Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" eBook "Can You Remember a Time" eBook "Seducer's Guide to Hypnopoetics" eBook "Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" Audio Book
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Seduce the Women You Desire - with Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® and
These Hypnotic Seduction Bonuses From Me...

Those of you who know anything about me or the Hypno Poems from "Hypnopoetics... Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" know that this hypnotic poetry is based on the methods and techniques of Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction®. Ross Jeffries

So, it will should come as no surprise that I would strongly endorse Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® products to any guy who is interested in getting better sex and lots more of it. I am no seduction guru, but I have purchased, studied and had great results with Ross Jeffries products.

Now, I'll be honest with you. Like any coach or teacher, Ross does have very strong opinions about things and he has a tendency to be abrasive or antagonistic to people who do not agree with him.

Some people think he is being controversial just for the publicity - I don't really know. And, he has been around for a while, so people who don't know any beter might think he is old news.

Everyone agrees, though, that Ross Jeffries is a pioneer in using NLP and hypnosis for seduction and his material has helped thousands of guys like you to "seduce the women you desire".

Gain Immediate and Ongoing Success With Women - Because Hypnotic Poems Perfectly Compliment Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® Products. Here's How:

Although Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® products are complete and extremely powerful without "Hypnopoetics...", there are a growing number of men who are discovering that the hypnotic seduction poems of "Hypnopoetics..." make Speed Seduction® even easier and more effective!

You see, a lot of guys who start out to learn Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® get bogged down in the early stages when they are trying to learn and use the NLP language patterns of Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction®. Here are some of the problems guys have experienced and how you can sail past them with the "Hypnopoetics..." bonuses:

  • NO MEMORIZATION - some guys have trouble memorizing and delivering the Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® Patterns. You will hit the ground running because the hypno poems are fast and easy to use. Hypnopoetics..." is perfect for avoiding memorization. You can memorize several of the most effective hypnotic poems to have ready at any time, it really isn't necessary.

  • YOU NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT "GETTING BUSTED" - some guys feel like the Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® patterns "just weren't me" or that "I don't talk like that - she will suspect I am up to something"? With "Hypnopoetics..." you don't have to pretend that the words or the feelings are yours - it's "just the way they are written".

  • YOU ALWAYS COMPLETE THE PATTERN - ALWAYS! Sometimes guys will be repeatedly interrupted by a HB when they are trying to get all the way through a long Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® pattern. Or they get thrown off track because they can't keep the conversation going in the right direction. Women have been trained for years in school not to interrupt when you are reading poetry to them. With "Hypnopoetics...", they with all your imbedded commands and suggestions.

  • START USING HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION PATTERNS AS SOON AS YOU DOWNLOAD THE BOOKS - you don't have to practice for weeks, just call someone on the phone and start reading. Have you ever wasted time and money trying to get someone to feel for you the way you have always wanted? This Seduction Poetry is efficient - It is acceptable, and almost expected that you will read a poem to someone from a book, word for word.
  • YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY - that will impress her and move her in the right direction Have you ever got a number from someone and put off calling because you didn't know what to say? You get a jump start on the seduction. Hypno Poems are extremely powerful to use after you get a woman's phone number.

Romantic poetry is a powerful tool to seduce any woman - Anyone who does not believe that must be living under a rock. The Romantic Poets like Shakespeare and Lord Byron are probably responsible for more successful seductions than all of today's seduction gurus combined.

You will immediately see positive results in the way women respond to your seduction. These Hypnotic Poems are romantic poetry on steroids.

Experience a positive change in the way women feel and act toward you. As the vast majority of the men who have purchased and use the poems will tell you, they are very satisfied with the power of the poems.

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Speed Seduction® Home Study Course - Basic and Deluxe - get the original (and IMHO the greatest) version of Speed Seduction® with many of the NLP patterns that became hypno-poems

Speed Seduction® 3.0 - Basic and Deluxe - get Ross's newest version of Speed Seduction®

Nail Your Inner Game - change yourself into the man women want and let them pursue you for a change

Get the "Hypnopoetics..." Audio Book Only ($39.95 Value) as a Bonus When You Buy Any One of These Three Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® Products.

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Gold Walk Up DVD - easily learn approaching women successfully

Fear into Charisma Video - overcome your fear and hesitation issues - what if you were as charismatic tomorrow as you are hesitant today

Unstoppable Confidence Course - get rid of your "lack of confidence" forever

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Important Instructions - Please Read!!

Here is How to Get Your "Hypnopoetics..." Bonuses:

After you purchase the Qualifying Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction® Products through the links above, just send an email to me at this address: phil(at) .

Include your name, email address, the date you ordered the product and the product you purchased - or just forward a copy of the confirmation email you received from Ross. I will verify that you purchased the product through me, and then I will email you the download link for the 4 Hypnopoetics Bonuses.

Pretty simple, isn't it? And an incredible value you will not find anywhere else.

Remember - you must order these specific products through the links on this page in order to get these free "Hypnopoetics..." bonuses.

Ross has a number of other products that I strongly recommend. These are the only ones that will earn you the "Hypnopoetics..." Bonuses.

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P.S. Here is a recent testimonial from a Speed Seduction Student:

"I have been reading these [hypno poems] with great results. I found your website while looking for something related to Ross Jeffries.

I really like the 'Seducer's Guide' because of the way you catagorize everything in the diagrams. It's a great comparison to Ross Jeffries patterns which I'm studying so hard and diligently.

The poems are an easy way to overcome having to memorize the patterns (for now), and this has accelerated things for me. I love reading the poems !!!!

Phil, I'm so glad I bought this from you. I love how you totally modeled this after SS. This is perfect thanks again !!!!

(Tony B.)

P. P. S. Remember - You MUST purchase through these links to get your bonus:

Speed Seduction® Home Study Course - Basic and Deluxe
Speed Seduction® 3.0 - Basic and Deluxe
Nail Your Inner Game
Gold Walk Up DVD
Fear into Charisma Video
Unstoppable Confidence Course

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